IDOHunt Token Sale Updates
2 min readApr 6, 2021


Hello guys, we are finally here to announce that our platform is now ready and updated with the tier list and the whitelist for the public pool.

You will be able to check your allocation on our website, by clicking the “Connect” and then “Check Tier” buttons:

Once you connected your wallet, a pop-up will appear revealing your Tier and your max allocation.
Then, tomorrow at 12:00 UTC a “Join Pool” button will appear and you will be able to purchase your allocation.

Also, BSC Checker Audit for IDOHunt token contract is out, read more on IDOHunt official Medium:

We are really proud to have reached around 1000 token holders qualified for the BSCL Reserved pool, that is an amazing result!

$BSCL Holders Phase1 Guaranteed Allocations:

Diamond=1.26 BNB
Gold= 1.19 BNB
Silver= 0.41 BNB
Bronze= 0.05 BNB

Phase2 will take place on April 8th 12:00 UTC, if the IDO won’t reach the Hardcap.
It will be a FCFS sale with doubled allocation for every Tier.
Example: Diamond Phase2 Allocation=2.52 BNB

Public Pool Allocation:

0.4* BNB
*first come first served among whitelisted addresses

Check your allocation HERE

We will announce the next IDO hosted on our platform within this week, as we are closing a deal with the team; snapshots for the Tier List will start tomorrow, right after the start of IDOHunt sale.
This means that if the next IDO will take place on 14th April, there will be 7 snapshots, 1 for each day, starting tomorrow to the day before the sale.

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