BSCLauncher Super Tiers

Super Tiers

We know that this is a very fast-changing sector, and for this, we added 4 super tiers, others can be added over time in the event of very high increases in the token price.

What is the difference?

Super tiers will be able to use Multipliers already in Phase 1, without waiting for Phase 2.

Example Phase 1

First of all, if you don’t know how our Phase 1 works please read this article:

  • User 1: holding 4.000 tokens, Gold tier
  • User 2: holding 6.000 tokens, Super Gold tier
  • User 1: maximum investment 1 BNB
  • User 2: maximum investment 1 BNB + 1.5x Multiplier = 1.5 BNB

Phase 2 — Multipliers

In Phase 2, both Normal and Super tiers will be able to use their multipliers.

  • Both User 1 (Gold) and User 2 (Super Gold) will be able to invest 1.5 BNB.

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