BSCLauncher Presale and tokens lockup with Trustswap

We are happy to reveal that following our Tokenomics, Team, Advisors, Development and Private Seed tokens are locked with

TrustSwap is a decentralized application that allows blockchain projects to lock their ERC20 coins and LP Liquidity tokens in a non-custodial, time-released smart contract vault.

🔐 You can follow the lockup here:

  • 13.00 UTC
    Our whitelist will close at 13:00 UTC today, don’t forgot to join.
  • 13.30 UTC
    Pool live on the website, you will be able to check if your address is whitelisted or not. Chat will be muted.
  • 14:00 UTC
    Presale goes live, a “Join Pool” button will appear, you will just need to input an amount and click on it to participate.

Join us to follow live updates.
Telegram Group:
Telegram Channel:



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