BSC Launcher Weekly Update #1
2 min readMar 30, 2021


Here we are, it has been an amazing week for all of us, a lot of things have happened and we couldn’t be more proud of the results.
We decided to start a weekly column which will be used to do a recap of the events happened during the previous week.

So, what did exactly happen this week?

Well, it was an extremely challenging week for the team. We conducted a successful token sale composed of 3 stages : Private seed, presale and public sale. All 3 went sold-out in a couple of minutes, which confirmed the extremely high interest there was towards our launchpad.

The public sale saw the hard cap being over reached more than 9 times.
For this reason we decided to re-organize both our Tokenomics and Tier list in order to give everyone the possibility to be a part of our community.

Details about the changes can be found here:
Upgraded Tier List:
Upgraded Tokenomics:

Yesterday, after 24 hours of planning every detail we proceeded with a successful Token distribution to all the investors and afterwards we listed $BSCL on PancakeSwap and locked liquidity.

Link to Pancakeswap $BSCL trading:

Proof of liquidity lock:

🔎IDOHunt token sale details:

We’ve also announced the first IDO hosted on our platform : IDOHunt!
You can check their official introduction in their medium post here:

Presale date will be announced in the following days.

In order to be able to participate you need to have a minimum of 500 $BSCL tokens in your wallet during the snapshot that will be done at 14:00 UTC during the presale date

The eligibility will depend on the snapshot, make sure to hold your $BSCL.
More detailed informations will be published in our telegram group 12 hours before the token sale. website updates

We’ve updated the pools section in our website. You are now able to trade our token on pancake trough our platform.

Furthermore we’ve also added the official application form for project willing to conduct their token sales in our launchpad.

This can be found in the upper right corner of the homepage.

AMA with BSCMaximalist on BSCTalk

On April 1st we will conduct an AMA with the BSCTalk community. Stay tuned!



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