BSC Launcher Updated Tokenomics
2 min readMar 28, 2021

The interest in our project was beyond any expectations. We are speechless. In less than 60 seconds more than 4600 BNB has been raised, considering an Hard Cap of 525 BNB that’s almost 9x.

For this reason, we are planning an upgrade in our official tokenomics. We want to give everyone the possibility to be a part of this project and join our fast-growing community.

$BSCL total token supply will remain unchanged. We won’t mint any new tokens.

The changes will affect the allocations of the Private Seed, Presale and Public Sale and the respective prices per token. The BNB equivalent of your investment won’t be affected since we will increase the total Pancakeswap initial liquidity to an astonishing 1800 BNB, while lowering the $BSCL allocation from 1,000,000 to 650,000. The remaining 350,000 will be added to the staking rewards.

The total supply combined of Private seed, Presale and Public sale will remain 3.000.000 $BSCL.

The price differences between Private seed, Presale and public sale will also remain the same.

Public sale price per token is 50% higher than Private seed price and 30% higher than Presale price.
Presale price is 30% Higher than Private seed price and 20% lower than Public sale Price.

Private seed $BSCL price went from 0.0005 BNB to 0.0014115 BNB.
Presale $BSCL price went from 0.00065 BNB to 0.00183495 BNB.
Public Sale $BSCL price went from 0.00075 BNB to 0.00211725 BNB.

As we said, our main focus while we worked on these changes was to maintain unchanged the BNB equivalent of the investment.

Let’s do an example:

If you invested 30 BNB in Presale you will receive 16,349.2 $BSCL.
This means that the updated price per token is 0.00183495 BNB.

If you invested 15 BNB in Public sale you will receive 7,084,66 $BSCL
This means that the updated price per token is 0.00211725 BNB
Listing price will be 0.0024 BNB.


First IDO, new Tiers, Listing and Distribution

🚀Tomorrow, at 13:00 UTC we will announce our updated Tier Levels and we will reveal the first IDO hosted on our platform.

🚀Listing on Pancake and Distribution will be at 17:00 UTC, so 24 hours from now.

Stay tuned.



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