🚀BSC Launcher Presale is SOLD OUT.

2 min readMar 25, 2021


We would like to thanks everyone who made that possible.
Despite the excessive website traffic, who turned the Pool page off for a few minutes, we reached the hardcap of 800 BNB in less than 5 minutes, which is extraordinary.

Thank you for your contributions.

But now, as always, is time to plan the next step.

We are proud to announce that our Official Public Sale will take place on Sunday 28th March.

In the next hours we will open and public the official Whitelist on ViralSweep, same as the presale one.

Here’s some FAQ about the Presale/Public sale situation.

📎 Frequently Asked Questions
- Can I still join the presale?
Nope, presale is sold out.
- When there will be the Public Sale?
Public Sale is on Sunday 28th, 14:00 UTC.
- There is a Whitelist to join the Public Sale?
Yes, you will need to fill a whitelist form.
- How much can I invest?
Minimum 1 BNB and maximum 15 BNB, total Hard Cap is 525 BNB.
- What about the price?
Presale price was 0.00065 BNB, Public will be 0.00075 BNB.
- How can I invest?
You will be able to do it with Metamash through our website.
- When there will be listing on Pancake?
Sunday 28th, right after the public sale.
- I joined the presale, when I will receive the tokens?
You will receive your tokens on Sunday.

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◾ Telegram group: t.me/launcherfinance

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