BSC Launcher Official Presale Announcement

First of all, we would like to thank you guys for the massive support you did show us during the Private Seed Round.
We have reached an amazing interest from both single and group investors.
The Private Round is about to close, further information coming soon.

Now it’s time to move on with the next phase.

We are really excited to announce our Official Presale.
It will take place March 25th, 14 UTC.
We will announce and open the official Presale Whitelist within 48 hours, providing more details about the Presale structure.
People interested to our presale would have to fill the Whitelist Form, and then wait for the pick results.

Our goal is to reach the hardcap of 800 BNB, at the following price:

1 BCSL = 0.00065 BNB

If you missed something about our Tokenomics, have a look here:

Big news coming up guys.

Keep supporting us and stay tuned our official socials:



Telegram group:

Announcement Channel:



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